Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a small international city but as reflected on the flag of Hong Kong, it offers you a ‘5 stars’ environment to start a new page of your business.

Good Tax Rate to Investors

  • Profits Tax @ 16.5%
  • Salary Tax @ 15%
  • Sales Tax or VAT @ 0%
  • Dividends Tax @ 0%
  • Capital Gains Tax @ 0%

Good Geographic Location to Asia and Mainland China Markets

  • Same Time Zone as China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and the Philippines
  • Short Flight Time to Asia Markets
  • One Hour Drive to the Pearl River Delta – Mainland China

Good Infrastructure to Worldwide Markets

  • World Class International Airport
  • World Class Telecommunications

Good Professionals to Development

  • Tertiary Educated Workforce
  • Strong Work Ethic, Efficiency and Can-Do Attitude
  • Multi- Language Skills with English, Putonghua & Cantonese

Good Living Standards to Life

  • Multi- National Living Cultures
  • Freedom of Speech & Free Press
  • High Quality Public & Private Health Centres
  • Low Crime Rates

Let’s start your business in Hong Kong NOW!